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For the topic on Pressure, we will rely on Peers to learn.

Each group will be given a particular sub-topic to learn. After mastering that sub-topic, your team has to teach the rest of the classmates that particular sub-topic in video lecture(s) for your other friends to view and comment. At the end of the two weeks, you all would have learnt pressure concepts from one another instead of hearing me blah, blah, blah in class.

Please take note of the following before you start your planning for the task.

1. State explicitly what are the learning objectives are for your friends. (Uh? What are these? Please see learning objectives in the other topics in your sec 4 syllabus.)

2. Include a simple demonstration on the concept your group is trying to illustrate. (Good to be original but not necessary. However your team must carry it out yourself and must be able to explain the concept behind the demonstration. You may try and video tape all these demonstrations in the lab. Check with me if you need certain equipments from the labs.) Please do your risk assessment before embarking on your demonstration.

Risk assessment form for High School Science Lab.

3. Your faces need not be included in the video is you do not want to appear on youtube for whatever reasons. (I don't want to know.) You may create animated videos if you like. (Don't know what is that? Go find out) Release your creativity juices.


1. Hydrostatics Pressure (Antimatter)

2. Atmospheric Pressure (Photon)

3. Measurement of gas pressure(Pressure)

4. Gas laws(Inertia)

5. Pascal's law(Magnet)

6. Bernoulli Principle(Matter)

7. Pressure and the weather(Adiabatic)

8. Pressure in the human body(Albedo)

9. Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on the human body(Induction)

10. Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on the human body(Gravity)

Tools your team can use to create your video lecture(s)