Learning Objectives

-- use a vector triangle to represent forces in equilibrium
-- represent a vector as two perpendicular components.
--*show an understanding of the independence of perpendicular vector quantities
Watch the following video and discuss how the toy works.

Explore the following websites to about resolving vector into two components.

Vectors and scalars

Resolution of forces Access code : SMTPm6moduleResolutionofforces


Resolution of force and rockclimbing

Why do you need to know physics to do rock climbing. Watch the following video to find out.

When rock climbing, anchors are used to guide ropes so that in the event of a fall, climbers will not experience dangerous forces. In top-rope climbing, a single set of anchors is established at the top of the climb. The climber depends on the belayer, who lets out slack allowing the climber to proceed, and brakes the rope in the event of a fall. The climber also depends on the anchor at the top of the climb, which guides the rope. If either the anchor or the belayer fails, the result can be catastrophic.

Below is a diagram of a typical two point anchor system used during rock climbing.

external image 7063-large_1878L.jpg

The following animation shows three students; Jane, Max and his little brother, Mark giving their comment on anchor systems used for rock climbing. Discuss in your group what do you think of their comment in the discussion forum. Who do you agree or disagree with? Provide evidence to support your argument.

GoAnimate.com: Concept cartoon :- Rock climbing by angsh